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Discovering Vienna’s Gastronomy: The Best Restaurants in Town

Vienna, the majestic capital of Austria, is a city known for its rich history, its vibrant cultural life and, of course, its exceptional gastronomy. From traditional Austrian dishes

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The history of Beer told by the Simpsons

Beer is as old as human history itself…
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London Pub & Nightlife, Boris Johnson’s Free Tour

Do you want to live the London night like a Prime Minister? Book the London Pub & Nightlife, Boris Johnson’s Free Tour.
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Kandy García, the backpacker granny who travels alone around the world

Kandy García, better known as the backpacker grandmother, was with us in the “Traveling alone 2.0” event, telling us about her life changing experience since she decided to start

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Game of Thrones filming location walking tours

One of the television series that has created more excitement over the last few years, is without a doubt, Game of Thrones.

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