August 4, 2022

The history of Beer told by the Simpsons

the simps

🏺 Beer is as old as human history itself…

Although the first data we have it´s from the time of Sumerians (4000 years BC) in lower Mesopotamia, currently known as Iraq 🇮🇶

🐪 In the time of pharaohs, beer, or ‘zithum’, as they called it, was the drink of choice. So much so, that even part of their wages was paid in beer!

The Egyptians also used it for medicinal purposes and even religious rites. But make no mistake, there were also taverns to go and get drunk.

📜 Thousands of liters of beer a year were produced in Ancient Egypt (not far from Luxor) and not that long ago archaeologists found there, the oldest industrial-scale beer production factory in the world! 🌍

The Romans were more of wine, they considered beer an inferior drink.

🏰 During the Middle Ages, beer production was concentrated in monasteries. The Abbeys of Central Europe,  jealously guarded the recipe and began to add hops, which became a natural preservative.

Things were getting real and Emperor William IV of Babiera decreed the Purity Law, which stated that beer should be produced with only three ingredients: water, barley malt and hops.

🍺 Lager made its appearance!

The Lager has its origin in the Lagern; the warehouses where the Bavarian brewers kept beer during winter, where beer matured slowly.

🍻 Little did we know that in 1842 the history of beer would change forever!

The German master brewer Joseph Groll was working in the city of Pilsen (currently known as the Czech Republic) when he came up with the masterful formula. Never before had a beer like it been seen, a golden and clear lager with abundant white foam. Pilsen was born. A whole revolution!

During the Industrial Revolution, pubs started to serve beer and following the advances in transport and conservation, beer became very popular and began to be marketed throughout the year.

After years where large brewing companies have monopolized the entire market, the small brewing and crafting industry has been making its way up and recovering its more traditional forms of production for greater enjoyment by lovers of this historic concoction.

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